How to Decorate an Oatmeal Container

purim containers - decorated with oatmeal containers


  • One oatmeal container (or 50, if you are ambitious)
  • Printed digital photos (on cheap printer paper) of the friends whom you plan to give this gift
  • Scraps of wrapping paper, comic strips and pretty magazine cutouts
  • Illustrations related to the holiday at hand – make your own or Google some images
  • Regular glue + Modge Podge glue
  • Scissors
  • A good imagination
  • Treats, food or otherwise, to fill the container
  • Optional: stickers

Print out some digital photos of your friend(s). Don’t have any photos of your friend(s)? Take some when they don’t suspect. Put all the paper ingredients in a box, and prepare a work area (this project involves lots of glue and scissor cutting). Peel the oatmeal cover paper off the oatmeal container, so the brown or white shows (some containers don’t peel – it’s OK). Cut the photos to fit on the container. Cut wrapping paper, comics and/or magazine cutouts to fit as well. Glue (with regular glue) them on in an interesting manner. Decorate with illustrations related to the holiday. If small children want to participate, have them put stickers all over the container.

When the glue has dried and the container is covered, apply Modge Podge glue all around. This will create a glossy cover and seal in your images. Fill with treats, and give to your friends!

See more oatmeal decorated containers.

For all of those celebrating Purim, may it be happy, healthy and filled with joy.

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