Pesach Ideas to Elaborate

Tissot the Plague of Flies
The Plague of Flies, c. 1896-1902, by James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French, 1836-1902), gouache on board, 6 15/16 x 7 3/8 in. (17.6 x 18.7 cm), at the Jewish Museum, New York
Some ideas to discuss or posts to develop before next year’s Passover:

  • Four Daughters: the haggadah I use, A Different Night, The Family Participation Haggadah, has many pictures of variations on the Four Sons. It also has one cartoon of four daughters. I thought it might be fun to come up with some ideas for the four daughters.
  • I could do a post with thumbnails of as many different artworks related to Yitziat Mizrayim (the Exodus from Egypt) as I can find in public domain (older than 50 years so no problem copying the image).
  • Ten Plagues: we have a bag of ten plagues. You could buy one, or we could discuss ideas for putting together a bag in a creative manner.
  • American Jewish history: my brother-in-law had the Maxwell House haggadah. It has some nice tidbits from American Jewish Passovers past, such as the time some Civil War soldiers didn’t have the ingredients to make charoset, so they put a brick in the middle of their seder table.
  • Speaking of charoset, I ended up being the one to make it for our seder – I’ve never made it before. The mom who was making it got distracted by her baby, so my sister-in-law said, can you make it? I peeled two more apples (were there 6 all together?), poured in some grape juice, and mixed in cinnamon and a bag of finely chopped walnuts. My niece wanted to add dates, but they were nowhere to be found. Tasted delicious as is. Charoset is my favorite Passover food. I love the korach sandwich, with romaine lettuce and matza.
  • Shfoch Hamatha – Pour Out Thy Wrath – this section of the seder was added around the time of the Crusades, as Jews experienced pogroms. How does one react to this paragraph today?
  • Haggadot – do you have a favorite? My boys like The Animated Haggadah. Years ago at my cousin’s house I loved using a haggadah called the The Polychrome Historical Haggadah. It had sections of the haggadah colored by when the section was added. Uh, oh, I see on Amazon one priced at $2,500. Yikes.

Can you help elaborate on any of these ideas? Any in particular you would like to see as a post?

Some past Pesach posts:

10 thoughts on “Pesach Ideas to Elaborate

  • This is a very rich post with lots of ideas to develop.
    One of my favorite haggadot is that of Rabbi Sacks. He has an interesting paragraph on Shfoch Hamatha explaining why it is there and providing an alternative.

    • Thank you – now I have a year to look up Rabbi Sack’s explanation of Shfoch Hamatha and find other commentaries on this topic as well.

  • What a wonderful post! I love Charoset, also. It is one of my favorite Passover foods, next to Gefilte fish on matzohs. I also am adding my unleavened pound cake recipe to my favorite food list. LOl

    • Funny, I would never think of putting gefilte fish on matza. I like the spicy beet horseradish that goes on gefilte fish – as it is one of the only spicy foods we have in the house right now (no mustard – kitniyot; no schug, ‘cuz no schug; no garlic spread ‘cuz no one’s made any), I put horseradish on fish and on meat, too.

      • I like the horseradish too, and love it on meat and fish other than gefilte fish.

        Whenever you make your way out here, you best let me know, so we can get together!!!

  • I love the karich (Hebrew for sandwich based on korach). I use an israeli version of the different night haggadah & I love it as does my daughter (she does the English version).

    As to haroset: I developed a walnut allergy this past year but keep forgetting .. . I think I’m going to have to investigate new recipes for next year. any suggestions?

    • Regarding the walnut allergy, if you have anyone like Dr. Harry Schick near you, Harry has been instrumental in lessening some people’s allergies, although I understand it is a slow process.

      Pecans? Almonds? Hard to have nut allergies on Pesach, especially if Ashkenazi.

  • Each one of those ideas would make a great post!

    I hope you had a wonderful chag and that you aren’t having TOO hard of a time getting back into real life… 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments on this post … we shall see if any of them get developed next winter!

      OK, time for Shavuot or Omer ideas.

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