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Hereville cover

Do you like … trolls? Witches? Knitting contests? Arguments? A blended family that sort of works? A hint of a dybbuk? A smattering of Yiddish? An unknown monster who turns out to be a well-known (to those who have lived in places other than Hereville) farm animal?

In Hereville, a graphic novel by Barry Deutsch, Mirka, the 11 year old Orthodox Jewish girl heroine does get her sword. Math enthusiasts who like baked goods may enjoy the cake sharing problem. And the author has two pages at the end where shows preliminary sketches of his troll – valuable to those who enjoy the graphic aspect of this novel.

Thanks to Larry Lennhoff for lending me this charming book. And for pointing out there is one glaring halachic (Jewish law) error in the book. I won’t give that one away.

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