10 thoughts on “What is Freedom?

  • Dear Leora,
    Just a brief response about freedom.
    As long as I manage to find freedom of thoughts,
    I cannot become truly enslaved.
    The freedoms of the UN charter or even of the American Constitution may be hollowed out by politicians. Religious freedom will always be threatened from without and within.
    When I find a space where I freely can think and make up my own points of view, maybe even try to live like I learn; then I am free.
    (As opposed to Kazantzakis: “I hope nothing, I think nothing, I believe nothing; I am free.”)

  • I would say that in the dictionary sense, they are opposites. But in the mental and emotional sense they could both mean freedom in the fact that one can choose to feel free within one’s religion, no matter how others try to quash or stifle it. One can choose to feel free within one’s emotions, and try to get through the days with their minds focused on other aspects in their lives, that might bring them consolation…such as loved ones. Often remembering loved ones can keep one’s spirits and illuminations alive, and let them focus on living, as best they can under their conditions.

  • The ‘freedom’ which we will be celebrating on Passover is a special freedom which we were granted when we left Egypt. That is, the recognition that we can not be slaves to men (i.e. to Pharoh) because we must be slaves to the God of our fathers. As long as we are loyal to His will and laws we will always be free.
    Now, that’s not a very Western view and certainly ‘freedom’ has other perhaps more practical meanings as in being able to make choices and express ones views. That’s important too, but in a different context.

    • Risa, that is along the lines of what my post will be about (“we can not be slaves to men i.e. to Pharoh because we must be slaves to the God of our fathers”)…hoping to get a chance to write it before the week’s end!

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