RPRY in Salute to Israel Parade 2011

In Tune with Israel
The theme for this year’s Salute to Israel Parade down 5th Avenue was In Tune with Israel. I was chaperoning with my kids’ school, RPRY, so I was supposed to be paying attention to some third graders. But I took a few pics before the parade began.

parade in front of MOMA
We had to wait for a long time in front of the Museum of Modern Art. It made me want to visit the museum, and the kids had a hard time waiting. “When is the parade going to start already?”

daughter at parade
Here’s my daughter in a sea of red – I was wearing that hat and shirt, too.

dancers of RPRY
We were right behind the dancers – when my daughter is in fourth grade (next year), she can be one of the dancers, too.

marching down 5th Avenue in the Israel Day Parade
Finally, we made it unto 5th Avenue, the official part of the parade. My son was in front holding the big banner – I never did get a photo of it or of him. Too busy with 3rd graders!

parade down 5th avenue
As you can see, lots of crowds on the sides and marching down the avenue – the weather held out, and it wasn’t too hot nor did it rain.

yellow marching band
This yellow marching band was right behind us – they had a better sound system than RPRY. Oh, well.

Here are past Salute to Israel parades:

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