Camping and Healthy Eating

Dottie is a regular contributor on Klara’s MacroLoversofJerusalem Yahoo Group. I asked her if I could share what she posted on macrobiotic cooking and camping, and she agreed! As most of my readers may not even know what macrobiotics is, I named the post with ‘healthy eating.’ Hope you can gleam a few ideas for your own vacation.

leora camping
photo of Leora in 1999 on our one and only family camping trip

And now, the pearls of wisdom from Dottie:

It’s always helpful to have a few dishes prepared ahead of time. Bean soups are usually enjoyed by everyone … and they are so quick to heat up over either over camp fires or portable burners.

Salad lovers love our boiled & pressed salads, especially if a yummy dressing is used. People who enjoy Japanese cuisine readily accept our non-seafood nori rolls, while people who like roast beef & potatoes, like our nishime carrots & turnips. If your family enjoys fresh fruit, well, that’s a great, EASY dessert.

Stir-fries are also an easy camping dish, and many people are used to eating them. You could remove your portion, and then cook a bit of pre-cooked meat into the stir-fry for the meat-eaters. lol… or if you have your daughters well-trained, add tempeh or seitan, instead of the meat. 🙂

Pancakes are a great breakfast for everyone…. Of course, you might be lucky that your family wouldn’t mind steel-cut oats with raisins & walnuts. Depending upon how much time I have, before we start traveling, I’ll cook the oats at home, and then warm them up while traveling. At other times, I actually have more time while camping, so I measure out the oats & water at home, and pack them to cook later. OR to make things very simple, I just have rice porridge from left-over rice for breakfast.

Pasta & noodles are easy camping food… they can be added to soups, salads, stir-fries, or used on their own, with a yummy sauce.

If things are very time-limited, Nori rolls, miso soup, and canned chickpeas over a raw or boiled salad is a quick, tasty meal. Adding a few finely chopped greens to the soup as I serve it, is a good way to “freshen” it. Having freshly cooked greens are a great way to de-stress our bodies from the assault of traveling. Most importantly, have fun, enjoy the adventure, and make beautiful memories.

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What kinds of healthy food have you brought with you on your vacations?

8 thoughts on “Camping and Healthy Eating

  • I used to love to sleep outside at the, not so much. I found these really good oats at the health food store that make oatmeal like my Grandmother used to make and I love it..maybe more because she used to make it… are still beautiful…

  • Leora, it’s been such a long time – and I didn’t even realize I’d missed this great post. Dottie, always good to hear your suggestions – and yes, good ideas for all kinds of trips, as we are about to embark, coming again to the Golden Medina :> Looking forward to all those wonderful greens we don’t yet have here in Israel. (tho we have more than we used to)

  • I love the computer because it saves so much – and just in searching a topic it pops up. Hope you are doing well and still eating healthy – how does your garden grow?

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