Nature Notes: Robin Babies

Last week we spotted the robin’s nest and eggs. This week we watch the babies grow.
robin babies
Here are the baby robins the same day as my daughter’s birthday party (Sunday). An impromptu party activity was one girl after another taking a peak at the babies.

robin babies on July 11
On Monday I captured this photo of the baby robins crying for their parents. According to Wikipedia, the adult male and female both are active in protecting and feeding the fledged chicks until they learn to forage on their own.

July 11 robin babies
Monday: the robins in the afternoon

robins cry
Tuesday: one can see a robin eye.

robin crying with open mouth
Here is a close shot of a robin baby crying; by Wednesday, the robins show a bit of feathers.

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10 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Robin Babies

  • WoW! I’ve never seen them quite that young! I love watching the babies once they have fledged but are still not feeding themselves, following a parent and begging for food. 🙂

  • What a special treat to see such tiny babies.

    And I loved your comment about our barn swallows singing opera so much I renamed one of the photos on Flickr. Thanks for the grin!

  • How precious and they look just like the ones my neighbor handed me after he cut down the tree their nest was in. These guys are lucky to have Mom and Dad and your family…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter..Michelle

  • Wow great pictures and cute babies! Did you have to get up on ladder to take the pics? Wondering if you could go little higher and take a shot from above the nest with their mouths wide open.

    • We had a step stool all week on our porch so one could peek into the nest. It’s hard to take a photo from above, as there is more bush directly above the nest. I had cut away a few branches the first day I saw the nest with eggs so we could look in.

      The step stool was taken inside yesterday – all the babies have flown from the nest.

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