Nature Notes: Robin and Nest

robin with speckles on its back
I noticed this robin in our backyard, and at first I thought it was dirty – it seems to match the speckles in the driveway. When I put the photo on my computer, I saw the speckles were part of its body. I found this:

Q: I have in the last couple of weeks noticed a speckled bird with the other robins near my mom’s house. It looks like a robin – it has a red breast, but its back has speckles. Is it possibly a robin, and if so, how common is it to find one like that?

A: It sounds like you may be seeing a young robin—fledglings are speckled for quite a while.

robin nest
I found a robin’s nest in our andromeda bush right in front of our porch. I saw the robin sitting on the nest, but she flew away when I tried to photograph her.

blue eggs in a robin's nest
My daughter was the one who took a peek inside the nest and saw three little blue eggs. Ta da!

Update: two of the eggs hatched. My husband noticed this morning. Daughter got to see the robin mama fly to the nest and give her babies food. Before that, one of the babies was crying, so my daughter was thinking of looking for a worm and feeding them herself.

And here’s a weed growing by my oregano that looks like a teeny tiny daisy (is it Bellis perennis?):
daisy like flower tiny weed

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8 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Robin and Nest

  • Wonderful shots of the robin and also the nest. I have tiny daisies which are fairy asters but they can mass and almost look like a bush there are so many on each stem. Hard to tell with the individual shot of yours. I planted mine years ago but they show up all over the yard although normally bloom late in the season. I’m sure they show up in my neighbor’s yard too because they are such prolific self seeders. Thanks for reminding me that you were who had mentioned the catbirds letting you photograph them. My memory is terrible.

    • I also have chamomile growing in my front yard, but that I planted on purpose, and it has ferny-like leaves instead of the weedy look of these plants.

      I just Googled “fairy aster” – and guess what? Google images showed me flowers from your blog. They do look a bit like this flower.

  • How lovely as I haven’t seen a robin youngster yet. Tell your daughter that the babies are programmed to cry all the time to keep the parents bringing food something like a human baby. But Mom and Dad know how big a piece of something the baby can swallow at its particular size.

    Now I know what the little bunches of white flowers that turned up in our front and back yard are and hubby didn’t mow them down….Michelle

  • How lucky you are to have a robin’s nest to watch over. I’m sure your daughter will always remember it.

    Your plant might be fleabane. Without the leaves and a sense of the size of it, it’s hard to say.

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