Tomato Plants Contraption

tomato plant contraption
I’m not posting these photos for their beauty – too much light and exposure. More to talk about the state of desperation for today’s home gardeners, at least those in our area. The deer and the groundhogs roam and eat. Will the quickly wrapping of wire that I did in the heat on Sunday keep out the varmints? Stay tuned. The square tomato holders are from Burpee. I have green metal posts that I am supposed to hammer into the ground that I bought at Home Depot in June, but it’s been too hot ever since to set up the garden in that manner.

We caught two groundhogs this week in our Have-a-Heart trap. My husband drives them to Johnson Park in Piscataway (where they meet up with their cousins, that is, all the other groundhogs that have been driven there).

tomatoes contraption
In other news, I wrote a proposal for a website along with a new contact that I met last night at a networking meeting – we shall see. My regular clients are keeping me busy, too, so I might just show up on the blog here in bits and pieces.

Upcoming: How to Make Pickled Tomatoes
Remind Me: When it’s not so hot, I’ll post How to Bake Pita Bread. I have the photos already, but it doesn’t seem like an August or July kind of project.

3 thoughts on “Tomato Plants Contraption

  • I have already mentioned that here the problem is slugs not groundhogs. They are eating our zucchini at incredible speed and since we do not want to use pesticide there isn’t much we can do.
    It seems strange to hear about hot weather when we are still wearing sweaters. I am looking forward to the Pita Bread recipe when the temperature goes down in your part of the world. Meanwhile I’ll go and read your recipe for Pickled Tomatoes.

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