Kosher at Niagara Falls

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada
Corner of Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada

Descending the stairs at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada, my husband remarked it was a bit like entering Station Nine and 3/4s. Who would think that at the bottom one would find a kosher restaurant and a daily minyan?

We ate at the meat restaurant in the Sheraton twice. Both nights I had the cole slaw (no mayonnaise!), and one night I tried the chicken breast, the next the schnitzel (both were good, the schnitzel was especially tasty). My husband liked the flavorful, spicy chili – it would have tasted better if they hadn’t burnt it. My kids had belly buster hot dogs and hamburgers. One night my son tried the szechuan beef – not enough beef for him, but his leftover vegetables with spicy sauce helped give the plain, blah rice pilaf some good taste. If you are a vegetarian, you won’t find much – the salad looked plain, and you might have to fill up on the tasty roasted potatoes. My daughter *loved* the chocolate chip cookies. You have to clear the table from the previous guests, but as my husband remarked, you save on tips.

The meat restaurant at the Sheraton is called Mendl’s, and the dairy pizza place on Queen Street is called Mendy’s. You should take the car to Mendy’s, not walk like we did. It took over half an hour by foot from Clifton Hill. We ordered a whole pizza pie, and it was good, though not as good as others we have had. They are generous with the tomato sauce. My son said the best pizza he has had was in Monsey and in Pittsburgh. I had the potato salad, which did have mayonnaise, but I was quite hungry, and it was fresh. My kids enjoyed french fries.

My husband said his favorite part of the trip was the daily minyan in the Sheraton basement. I remarked at what a variety of men met each day for minyan – I like that kind of achdut (unity, brotherhood). The minyan is run by the Chabad rabbi, who serves the regional community during the year. They auctioned off the aliyot in support of helping the Jewish community of the area.

Mendl kosher meat restaurant in the Sheraton Four Points, Niagara Falls, Canada
Mendl kosher meat restaurant in the Sheraton Four Points, Niagara Falls, Canada

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Plan to post a whole selection of Niagara Falls photos for Watery Wednesday. Speaking of water, Hurricane Irene has come and gone. We still have power, and our basement is dry. Others are less fortunate.

6 thoughts on “Kosher at Niagara Falls

  • That’s a beautiful shot of the waterfall. I used to be a vegetarian and my daughter still is which can be a challenge eating out. I have said goodbye to Irene. I’m in central NC and we just had tropical force winds and a lot of rain. Some did lose power here but I lucked out with just some flickers on and off. Hope you aren’t affected where you live.

  • I remarked at what a variety of men met each day for minyan – I like that kind of achdut (unity, brotherhood).
    So do I! I so wish we all tried to strive for more unity and inclusiveness.
    Very interesting and informative post!

    • Although, as I pointed out on Facebook, there was no mehitza, so it was truly brotherhood as opposed to all peeps.

      When we were at a rest stop in Upstate New York, a man with a rather large family on his way back to Brooklyn remarked to my husband, “weren’t we at minyan together this morning?”

  • Hi Leora, thank you for stopping by my blog today. I imagine it would be unusual to find kosher restaurants and minyans at most hotels…I like how your husband referenced Station Nine and 3/4ths! I’m looking forward to more photos of the falls…I’ve never been there and it will be a treat to see them through your lens.

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