Nature Notes: Niagara Falls

tall brownish red flowers
Niagara Falls nature is abundant and varied. Despite the numerous humans in the summer time, both flowers and birds enjoy the wet landscape.

yellow tall flowers
These tall brownish red flowers and tall yellow flowers were growing on the steep cliff on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, near our hotel.

goldenrod tall yellow flowers
I’m guessing that these tall yellow flowers I photographed at Fort George by Niagara-On-The-Lake are goldenrod.

Does this pale purple flower from the side of the road look like a scraggly aster?

niagara gorge ecology
When we took a trip to the U.S. side of the falls, I found a sign all about Niagara Falls nature: Niagara Gorge Ecology is the header. On that sign are the following: Bonaparte’s gulls, Kalm’s St. John’s wort (yellow flower), common merganser duck, northern white cedar, slender blazing star, ninebark shrub, Baltimore oriole and bald eagle.

Slender Blazing Star, flowers at Niagara Falls
These lovely slender pale pink flowers (might be Joe-Pye weed) grow right by the American Falls.

tall purple flowers
Tall purple flowers (loosestrife?) scattered in between the rocks are a pretty sight.

two rocks near American Falls, Niagara Falls nature
Flowers and plants grow on top of rocks, right by the crashing, noisy falls.

gulls at Niagara Falls, United States side
Are these gulls “Bonaparte gulls”? If so, they are one of 19 species of gulls seen at Niagara Falls in the winter.

burrs niagara falls
Found these flowers with burrs (burdock?) on the Canadian side.

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14 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Niagara Falls

  • I think the yellow ones are goldenrod – they were blooming all over New England while we were there, and I’m pretty sure those same pink ones were blooming in Vermont but I don’t know what they are either. Whatever they are, they’re lovely, aren’t they?

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  • Fantastic nature shots from Niagara Falls. I agree with you about the goldenrod and also about the aster. There are so many varieties of asters.

  • We almost visited Niagara Falls last week on our way to Rochester, NY, but decided not to because of the crowds. Maybe in October. Thanks for the preview of what I might see in a few weeks. 🙂 By then some of these lovely flowers will be gone, unfortunately.

  • I feel like I am looking in my own back yard…minus the falls of course. I am not sure about your plant being Joe is a native. I am happy to see all the golden rod as it is so important for monarchs and other nectar seeking insects in the fall. The gulls I can’t help you with. They are confusing as they change as they get older. The area is one of the largest flyways for gulls and birders come to see them from all over…Thanks for sharing in Nature Notes Leora…Michelle

    • I might post another photo of that pretty purplish pink star-like flower to the flowers meme on Sunday.

      I’m happy with just calling them “gulls.” They do seem so happy in the Niagara area.

      • I posted my pink flower to Google+, and a friend thought it was a variation of Joe-Pye weed (without my saying so). So I think I initially had it mislabeled.

  • Lovely series of photos! Your yellow flower definitely looks like goldenrod and your purple flower looks very like loosestrife. I can’t help with the gull though as we don’t get that species over here.

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