Oops: New Error 404 Page

I’ve been working on an Error 404 page for this blog.

What is an Error 404 page?

An Error 404 page is a page a user will get when they type in a page that doesn’t exist.
For example: you might try: https://www.leoraw.com/blog/foo
There is no https://www.leoraw.com/blog/foo. Click on https://www.leoraw.com/blog/foo – what do you get? That’s the Error 404 page.

Why bother having a special Error 404 page?

Some outstanding pages have been created as Error 404 pages. If you are trying to convince a potential customer to use your services, why not give them a pleasant experience if they type the wrong page? Also, it gives you one more chance to make an impression about your goods or services (in marketing this is known as branding).

Who’s the surprised girl on the Error 404 page?

That’s my daughter in 2008: she was in shock because she has just learned there is no swimming at Banias. You see, way back in the 1970’s, my husband remembered swimming at Banias, but we learned the hard way that is no longer true.

She is starting to get fussier about my using her as a model, but she OK’ed my using her surprised look for the Oops page.


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