Sukkot in Highland Park

welcome bruhim habaimsukkah in Highland Park, New Jersey
I have a little time to report on the State of the Sukkah in Highland Park, New Jersey. The plural of sukkah is Sukkot, which is the name of the holiday, and my hopes for this post (or maybe a second post) is to put up photos of some sukkot in our area in the next week or so.

As you can see from the photo, our sukkah has arisen (under the direction of my husband with the labor of my sons) and two decorations have been placed on the outside. I like to put up Welcome (Bruhim HaBaim in Hebrew) as the first decoration, so people who walk by will say, oh, we are being welcomed! I’m looking forward to seeing more sukkot in Highland Park and online as well.

Photos added during Hol HaMoed Sukkot

sukkah all bnei yisrael will come sit in Sukkot
Drawing by my daughter, the gold print says: “All the children of Israel will sit in sukkot.”

Chart of ushpizin or honored guests: my son put up another one that he spun around as we welcomed a new guest each night (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aharon, David).

sukkah lulav
When my children were in kindergarten, they were photographed in school holding lulav and etrog. Then the photograph was decorated and made into a sukkah decoration.

sukkah decorations
The metallic flowers were made for Shavuot, but we agreed they would look nice in the sukkah.

Past posts on Sukkot

Past Images of Sukkot

fall leaves and a gourd in our sukkah   Next Year in Jerusalem   klara in the sukkah  sukkah 2009   drawings posted on wall of sukkah   painting of Jerusalem in our old sukkah

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