Candles – A Short Film

If you are seeking plot or theme, wrong film. It’s about the candles, plain and simple. If you look at this on YouTube, you’ll notice my son added a lot of tags, including a variety of spellings of Chanukah. Funny thing is, none of those are the way I would spell Hanukkah. My WordPress tag spells it like this: חנוכה (that says Hanuka in Hebrew). There’s only one way to spell it in Hebrew – or maybe one can spell without the vav in the middle, but the “real” way is with those five Hebrew letters.

Same son gave a d’var Torah (words of Torah) today in front of our shul. The gist of it was, one of the reasons if you are not Jewish that you may know about Chanukah is that we Jews have an obligation for what is called persumei nisa, publicity of the miracle. This obligation is unique to the holiday of Chanukah, and the reason can be found in history. The Assyrian Greeks wanted to the Hellenize the Jews, and they were a powerful force. The Jews had not had an adversary like this one before, one which worshiped the body and beauty. In reaction we are obligated to publicize that we are not accepting Hellenization by lighting the candles in front of a window and showing our Judaism.

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  • As I always say to my Dad when he asks how to write a particular Hebrew or Yiddish word in English: it’s a transliteration and there is no ‘correct’ spelling as long as you get the idea across accurately.

    Linguists have transliteration schemes, but they would, for example, spell Kohelet as Qoheleth, which would be unintelligible to many lay readers.

  • I enjoyed the video…my oldest niece just got engaged..she will probably actually get married unlike my daughter..but he is not Jewish and it is not being received well by some members of the family..

  • As usual, I am the ignorant visitor.
    Last year you told me about the wonder of Chanukah and the oil which lasted for eight days. I read in wikipedia that there even is a Chanukah menorah in the White House. Hope Obama also lit it this year.(?)
    I also like the reaction opposed to worshipping body and beauty.
    Little by little our western civilization is falling apart due to superficial ideals. In the end are punishing ourselves in living life with this youth and beauty focus.
    In the end we all end up ageing and even our brain will slowly deteriorate.
    There is a tendency not to honour the grey hairs any more, but to treat elderly spitefully. I see that clearly the way some treats my mother.It’s so sad and so short sighted.
    My Dad loved to quote the Proverbs 31:
    30 “Grace is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.”
    That IS beautiful.

    • “Grace is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised” – we sing that every Friday night. The song in Hebrew is Eshet Hayil, woman of valor. The Hebrew is “sheker ha cheyn, ve hevel hayofi…”

      If I find a nice You Tube version, I’ll post it in your honor.

      Some still have respect for the elderly, Felisol. I am trying to teach that to my children, as my father lives nearby so they have opportunity to help him.

      • Dear Leora.
        Your answer brought tears in my eyes. They are in fact flowing while I’m writing.
        What can I say?
        If feels like some of my burden was lifted away from me.
        The word of the Lord shall never return empty. This sure didn’t.

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