Chanukah Photo Gallery

Chanukah starts next week, and I wonder if I will have the energy to take new photos. I’ve taken so many Chanukah photos already. Any suggestions on a new twist? Which Chanukah photo is your favorite?

[nggallery id=1 images=20]

This gallery is built with the NextGen gallery plugin for WordPress – I’ve been using this for a client, so I thought it would be fun to install the plugin on my own blog and show off some photos. It might make doing JPiX (Jewish Photo Blogger’s Carnival) a lot easier, too. Hm.

Just discovered one tiny technical problem with the NextGen Gallery – if I want to pin a photo (I just joined Pinterest), I have to put one directly into the post and not only use the gallery. So here’s one:

Update on July 2013: Having problems with the new version of NextGen Gallery. May go back to Reverted to the old version. Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted.

Update on August 9, 2013: updated to NextGen Gallery 2.0.7 – so far, it works.

Update in December 2014: Version – still works.

Update March 2018: Version 2.2.54 – still works!

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