Nature Notes Tribute to Michelle of Rambling Woods

I believe I have been doing Nature Notes on and off (lots of offs recently, can’t do everything!) since it began, and I thought it would be nice to do a small tribute to Michelle who runs this nature blog meme. She posts on a wide variety of topics, but you can check out a sample of her posts from the past year by clicking on any of these thumbnails:
monarch butterfly blue jay nest eggs
monarch catepillar oriole snap turtle
butterfly weed coneflower echinacea bird feather in blue water

Click on the first thumbnail to learn more about monarch butterflies. Did you know the blue jay is molting? Next to the blue jay – do you see those eggs? They are mallard eggs. And the caterpillar – it’s not just any caterpillar – that’s a monarch caterpillar. The oriole post also discusses fungus on trees. Michelle also knows about turtles; just ask the kids in her neighborhood. With the orange butterfly weed is a post on milkweed aphids. Behind the coneflower thumbnail are a muskrat, a dragonfly, a frog and ducks. Also with the feather post is a red-bellied woodpecker.

One of my favorite posts has no photo: If you plant Milkweed, the Monarchs will come

sparrow in a bush
And just so Michelle has a new photo for the beautiful collages she creates each week, here’s the sparrow I sighted today in my neighbor’s bush.

Nature Notes

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