Nature Notes: Blue Jay and Chickadee

blue jay
I was excited to see a blue jay in my backyard when I had my camera with me. We get lots of cardinals, chickadees and sparrows, but the blue jays are a rare treat.

blue jay pecking at the ground
The blue jay was pecking at whatever he could find on the ground, probably compost leftovers from last year. I wish I had gotten a crisper shot of him.

blue jay departs in tree
And here he is, set to depart from my neighbor’s tree. Bye, blue guy.

black capped chickadee goes into bird feeder
My black capped chickadee shot came out much crisper than the blue jay photos. Here he is diving into the bird feeder for a bite to eat.

To those of you who might come to my blog to see or read something other than bird posts, I have ideas in my head and then all of a sudden it’s time to post Nature Notes again. Soon, soon, I’ll put up something else.

Nature Notes

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