Cardinals, Magnolia and WoodPecker

magnolia bud 2012 with strip of barn red in the back
Magnolia tree is starting to show buds. The red strip behind is paint trim on a shed. You can see 2011 magnolia photos here – last year I added a fancy pale blue background.

cardinal in backyard tree
At first I thought the cardinals were gone for the season, but on Sunday morning quite a few showed up at about 8 am, swooping around my backyard.

cardinal upright in tree

cardinal magnolia tree
One even landed in my neighbor’s magnolia tree.

back of woodpecker in tree
I heard a loud noise: peck, peck, peck. I went and got my camera and managed to capture this guy in photos. He has a red spot on his head. He pecks in a rhythm, then he stops and looks around. Then he pecks in the exact same rhythm, and then he stops and looks around.

hairy woodpecker with red spot on his head

I think he may be a downy or hairy woodpecker – see the red spot on his head? Eileen says he’s a downy woodpecker.

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