Finches and Starlings

bright red head bird
I saw birds with bright red heads in my backyard – are they young cardinals? No, Michelle taught me, they are finches! This one is a male house finch. A female is brown and has stripes.

two finches, male and female
Here are two finches sitting in my backyard tree. Is the one on the top right a female?

finch eating in bird feeder
Here is a finch eating sunflower seeds from our bird feeder.

finch flies off from bird feeder
Whoa! I caught him in flight as he leaves the bird feeder.

starlings in the sky
Another treat, this one just after dawn last week, was I heard a huge amount of bird noise outside. I rushed out with my camera and captured a bit of the party. Many black, noisy starlings were visiting our block.

starlings fly off
A friend wrote: “Around 5:30 pm, I saw enormous numbers here on the south side of town. It took about 10 minutes for them all to pass by. I am not exaggerating. It was only a really thick, dense black cloud of them for the first few minutes, but they kept coming for a while after that. And, I agree, they were very noisy. I could still hear them for a while after they were out of sight.”

You can see the starlings from 2010 on this post and few more starlings in a tree.

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