Sushi from Sushiana

sushi at sushiana in Highland Park, New Jersey
Tonight I bought cucumber and avocado sushi at the new sushi restaurant, Sushiana, in Highland Park, New Jersey. I had a sampling already – quite tasty! Saving the rest for my husband to enjoy. The owner says he will be having fish and chips and fish nuggets soon, so those sound like dishes my daughter might like (she has already said no thank you to sushi). The restaurant is kosher and serves only pareve food (no meat, chicken or dairy). I introduced him to Four Square today (I’m one check-in away from becoming Mayor; if you don’t know what that means, you are not missing much). At some point, I hope to introduce the topic of brown rice sushi (as opposed to white rice).

Do you like sushi? Do you like fish? Do you like fish sushi?

I’m too late to submit this to KCC, but here’s Batya’s wonderful Nisan KCC.

Update: See the Sushiana website (I built it). Now you all can enjoy sushi from Sushiana, even if just by looking at the images.

16 thoughts on “Sushi from Sushiana

    • Years ago, I used to make sushi. Simple ones with brown rice and vegetables. But then I had picky kids…

      Two of my picky kids surprised me last night and tried the sushi. My daughter actually ate a fair amount. My middle son tried one. My eldest wasn’t home.

  • I introduced him to Four Square today (I’m one check-in away from becoming Mayor; if you don’t know what that means, you are not missing much).
    I don’t know what you mean but feel I am missing something.
    These sushi look very appetizing!

    • If you want, you can download Four Square to your iPhone. Then, when you go to a store or any sort of place you can “check in.” If you don’t want anyone knowing your whereabouts, forget it. If you don’t mind saying so, you can friend a few people on Four Square and let them know. Also, other people in the same place can see that you are checked in (for example, I checked in at the supermarket last week and someone else had done the same thing; I checked in at the park, and someone I know was there – he checked in as well. Same thing happened at this restaurant, but I had left by the time he checked in).

  • I love the new restaurant. I am going to have to wait until they start serving fish nuggets before I can take my kids, though. It is pretty small–do you really need Four Square to know who else is there? Maybe you could use it to find out who is heading there, I guess.

    • Four Square is more like a game you play with online friends. You build up points from check-ins. It’s good for retail businesses – for us ordinary people, it’s mostly a way to connect. My online friends can see that I’m checking into a particular restaurant, for example. So maybe they will try it, too.

      My daughter keeps asking if they have fish and chips yet. I told her after Pesach…

      • Hi Leora,

        You can let your daughter know that we now have Fish & Chips. We also have a full assortment of tempura rolls and additional appetizers as well.


      • Thanks, Michael. I saw your update on Facebook about the fish and chips. I might just bring her over tonight.

  • Wow – a kosher sushi place in Highland Park? My daughter will be beside herself with excitement! Thanks for spreading the news.

      • We went last week. All four of us loved the seaweed salad, so thanks for the recommendation; I don’t think I would have tried it otherwise. Fish nuggets were good to. Ruth asked for something not on the menu, which she loved – mango sushi. I had one and it was actually really good; the rice is sweetened with mango juice as you chew. I did not dip it into soy sauce.

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