Bursting Blossoms and Singing Catbird

eastern red bud
I saw my neighbor and again asked him the name of his tree. “Eastern red bud,” he said. I wrote it down so as not to forget, but I remembered without even looking at my notes.

eastern red bud has purple blossoms in spring
Eastern red bud trees (Cercis canadensis L.) have lovely pinkish purple blossoms in the spring. I photographed these blossoms at the tail end of their existence – they were probably even prettier a week ago.

dogwood flower
The flowers on his dogwood tree are quite handsome as well.

maple with rope for swing
My other neighbor has a swing tied to her maple tree.

bright pink azalea
Just to show that I do have my own shrubs, here is our bright pink azalea.

strawberry leaves and white flowers
Strawberry plants are cropping up all over my backyard. I planted a few about five years back – they seem very happy in our yard. Next month those little greenish yellow spots inside the white flowers will be bright red juicy strawberries.

catbird head
And then I heard a song – I looked up, and I saw a crying catbird.

singing catbird

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15 thoughts on “Bursting Blossoms and Singing Catbird

  • Beautiful spring blossoms and I also love the shot of the catbird. I haven’t done my nature notes post yet but I also have a catbird shot I’m planning on using in mine. I guess it’s the time of year when catbirds are more visible.

    • I was thinking, oh, well, no birds to show off this week when I heard this guy sing, looked up, and there was the catbird. I’m glad he’s a happy fellow.

  • It really looks like spring in your area Leora..what a treat, I have never seen a catbird..great capture..I didn’t know the wild strawberries in my yard will actually produce fruit..that will be fun…Thank you for linking up to Nature Notes Leora…Michelle

    • Jane, so far, his tree is not very tall. As it was approved by the local Highland Park Shade Tree Committee, I assume it doesn’t grow tall (nor have a wide trunk and long reaching roots).

  • What beautiful and serene captures of color and contrasts. Lovely blossoms. The catbird…great shots.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  • Great photos! Your Eastern red bud looks like Gaura (Butterfly bush) I have on my balcony. Bright joyful pink color.
    And I also fond of pink azalea 🙂

  • Beautiful spring blossoms. What a gorgeous time of the year. The catbird is a fun bird to hear, they can mimic different birds. I hope you have a great weekend!

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