Israel Day Parade 2012

camel marches in Salute to Israel Parade 2012
My daughter took this photo of a camel marching in the Salute to Israel Day Parade 2012. When you are chaperoning a group of school children (actually, school dancers!), you enjoy whatever photos you get, pre- or post- parade. During the parade itself, I was walking beside the dancing girls with pompoms from RPRY (who at one point got announced as cheerleaders). I didn’t bring my big camera to New York City at all.

RPRY banner
This is one of the RPRY banners. I took it as we waited outside the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) for our turn to march in the parade. Our shirts were green, as were many other shirts of the day – the theme seemed to be related to green and blooming.

Leora and daughter Israel Day Parade 2012
My husband took this photo of my daughter and me as we waited for our middle son to march down with his school. Eldest son is off on his graduation trip – high school graduation is next week.

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