Robin, Baby Robins and Wildflowers

robin on rooftop
First I saw this elegant red-breasted robin on a roof top.

robin with worm
Then I saw another robin carrying a worm in its mouth.

baby robins
With help from my friend, I learned where the baby robins are residing in their nest. You can see baby robins that I photographed last summer.

purple wildflowers vetch
These purple wildflowers were in a field where the Battle of Monmouth was fought in 1778. I believe they are purple vetch. More on the Battle of Monmouth in an upcoming post.

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15 thoughts on “Robin, Baby Robins and Wildflowers

  • I love the shots of the robins and wildflowers. I have never figured out how to photograph babies in the nest. I know where some of the robin nests are but they are too protected by the bushes they nest in for me to get a camera in for a shot. I love the shot of the babies you took last summer.

    • My friend said these were originally located further in the bushes. Her neighbor was trimming his hedge and discovered them. Luckily, they were not harmed, but they are now close to where humans can easily see them.

      I just bought a fancy portrait lens for my camera – that helped. I originally had the zoom lens on the camera, but it produced too dark a photo. The portrait lens needs less light.

  • Oh that is a treat Leora and something I have not been able to do yet. I have had a nest of baby robins to take to rehab, but not found them on their own.. So sweet…I have heard of purple is pretty..Thank you for participating in this week’s Nature Notes, I really appreciate it..Michelle

  • The photos of the birds are just wonderful! Apart from ducks – which always seem rather quiet and static – I find it difficult to take good photos of birds.

  • That is an amazing picture of the baby birds, and I like how you precede it with pictures of adult robins–nice sequence. Also very interesting about the portrait lens.

    • Much thanks needs to go to my friend S. who told me about the birds. Let’s see if she gets online to see the baby birds…

      And I’m getting better at photography, with the help of researching and buying a great lens for my camera.

  • What beautiful images…the babes snuggled within the nest…the beginnings of life so wonderfully captured.

    The wildflowers are lovely, carried on wings of lives past.

  • It is such a wonderful time of year, so many baby and juvenile animals and birds taking their first tentative steps into the big, wide world 🙂

  • I’m excited to read from others how rare it is to see the nest of babies that we’ve had just outside our door! It’s Aryeh’s keen eyes that caught the beauty first 🙂

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