Snow White and the Old Hag

feeding Snow White the bad apple
My daughter’s theatre camp, Middlesex County College Theater Camp, put on Snow White and the Seventy Dwarves last week. My daughter had the great privilege of being picked for the character role of the old hag, the old woman who is really the wicked witch and tries to kill Snow White with a poisoned apple.

smiling hag in snow white
Here she is smiling at the end of the first show – I confess, my focus of watching the show was – when does the old hag enter? When does she do her evil cackles? I had a grand time watching her. As a child, I loved acting as well. I love that my daughter has this grand opportunity through camp.

woodsman snow white
This was a dramatic scene – here the Woodsman is about to kill Snow White, but of course, he does not. He brings the evil queen the heart of a pig. Do you think this will fool the wicked queen?

wicked queen
Trick this wicked queen into believing the heart of a pig is the heart of Snow White? She is not tricked. She sets out to kill Snow White as an old hag.

snow white and the prince
In this scene Snow White greets the prince. I’m not really sure what those two guys on the right are doing.

hag with evil grimace
I took lots of photos of my dear daughter the old hag – I was so thrilled by her portrayal of the character. It was a great show, and one we will remember for many years to come.

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