Berkshire Mountains Wildflowers and Slug

wildflowers on mount greylock
We spent some wonderful family time in the Berkshire Mountains. These wildflowers were halfway up Mount Greylock.

Behind the townhouse in which we stayed, there were some wildflowers growing, such as goldenrod.

flower wild
I don’t know what this one is called, but I saw something similar when I was walking to the hospital yesterday to visit my father in New Brunswick, New Jersey, so it must be a common wildflower. When we came back from our vacation, I found out my father needed to be hospitalized, again, this time for an infection. He has had a very difficult year. He used to be able to walk all the way from one side Highland Park to New Brunswick.

berries red
These red berries that were also behind the townhouse in the Berkshires look somewhat like the raspberries in our backyard but not quite.

orange wildflowers
These orange wildflowers growing behind the townhouse are much prettier in person – the camera doesn’t do these delicate petals justice.

slug and finger
Finally, here is the slug my daughter found behind the townhouse. She said she has also seen slugs at her friend’s house who lives near Donaldson Park. I was happy that she was excited about finding a slug.

slug in grass
Here’s another view of the slug, doing a little twist.

I have some lovely shots of butterflies on Mount Greylock (and some at the Mount, home of Edith Wharton), but I’ll save those for another Nature Notes.

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