Our Sukkah for the Festival of Sukkot

Sukkot our sukkah
Once a year observant Jews around the world celebrate the festival of Sukkot. We eat our meals in the sukkah (when it is not raining); some ambitious folks even sleep in their sukkah.

sukkah door
I took several shots of the inside of our sukkah. It is hard to get one overall picture, but you can get a taste for how we decorate our sukkah.

corner of the sukkah
Yes, that is a little model wooden airplane hanging from our sukkah top. My son once again chose to have the little airplane decorate the sukkah. Model airplanes have no religious significance, in case you were wondering!

This week’s Thursday Challenge is CULTURE (Food, Dance, Clothing, Festivals,…).

9 thoughts on “Our Sukkah for the Festival of Sukkot

  • Lovely sukkah and decorations. I haven’t got around to photographing ours – perhaps tomorrow.

    For a moment I thought the “Lo liheyot kanoi” poster was against religious extremism (same word, ‘kanoi’), before I realized it was about jealousy.

    Re: the aeroplane, in the leining for Simchat Torah we read “There is none like G-d, Yeshurun, who rides across the Heavens to help you, and in His Majesty across the skies”!

    • I enjoy your notes – I can’t imagine a fourth grade girl worrying about extremism, though if she lived in Beit Shemesh, I imagine it might be on her rader.

      I like your aeroplane line…maybe our little airplane will, like G-d, save the day.

  • What a beautiful succah! Is it new? I seem to remember that in previous years, you posted pictures of a different succah.

    Thanks for the smile about the religious significance of your son’s model airplane :-), and moadim l’simchah!

    • Hi, Mrs. S.! You have a good memory. We used to have another sukkah, then my husband decided he wanted one that would take quicker to put up. We have had this one for three years now. It takes two of them (my eldest is not around to help) about 1.5 hours. And it’s much larger than our old sukkah. We no longer have to keep the food outside the sukkah when we have a crowd.

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