Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin since 1935

Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin
Here is proof that my father attended the school Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin in the 1930’s. I found this document among his belongings. He must have requested the letter(click on image to see it enlarged) as part of an application to graduate school – he attended Syracuse U. at one point, and he received a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Columbia University. Eventually I will look up the dates.

I remember previously thinking that my father spoke Yiddish at home, as his parents were both immigrants. He said no, they spoke English at home. He learned Yiddish when he attended Chaim Berlin. Later he went to Yeshiva University for college. He was more comfortable with the hashgafa (philosophy) of Yeshiva University (Torah Umadda – Torah and Science or Torah and secular knowledge).

A few notes on the document: 1) There are a mix of fonts in the top address. 2) Someone crossed the name of the principal on the left – I guess reprinting letterhead was time-consuming and expensive. 3) The letter needed a stamp from the Borough of Brooklyn on the right. What do you see?

Have you learned more about a relative from a document/documents?

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  • I am so happy that you are going to find some family history treasures among your Father’s things. My MIL went to Columbia probably during that time period? She is 88 years old. On another note I wondered how long I had known you online.. Your first comment was in July 2008.. long time in the world of the internet.. back when I didn’t know anything about gardening…I wish there were treasures of my Mother’s to find. I would love her master’s thesis and her doctoral dissertation but everything stored in the basement was wet and moldy….hang in there..hugs..Michelle

    • July 2008 sounds about right. I started blogging in December 2007, right after my eldest son’s bar-mitzvah.

      Too bad about your mom’s stuff. My father’s apartment is on the second floor – if we lose power, maybe we will see if his apartment has power. We are trying to “evacuate” the apartment by December. Emotionally draining, but it will get done. Lots of helpers.

      • If we have to sell my Mother’s house instead of letting the bank have it, it needs work and I am dreading that…it is an emotionally draining task…

        Regarding my post on Birds and your comment on my blog…

        I thought of you Leora and was happy to be able to follow you on FB. I LOVE that your daughter is doing a project on birds…This made m day.. Let me know if I can help with anything….Michelle

  • My gosh! My paternal grandparents lived on Prospect Place! My grandfather is buried in Mt. Judah Cemetery. My grandmother in a Jewish cemetery in Rochester

    What a treasured document to have. I am glad you found this. I cherish all documents I have found, some through genealogical research, some after my Mother’s death on Vetetan’s Day 2004.

    I have Birth, death and marriage certificates for my parents, grandparents and great grandparents. I have my father’s WWII records. I sent for all of them. Some were obtained on trips to England and Scotland. I have census records and so much more.

    I love seeing the handwritings on old documents. I live old documents, in general. I feel a bit closer to my ancestors and their struggles. It grounds me in ways I can’t describe.

    I have documents from Lithusnia, also.

    • I’m glad I scanned this in. I’m afraid of losing documents – at least nowadays, I can scan them in, put them in DropBox, and share them with a cousin in Israel who is doing genealogical research.

      I fear I will throw out something important. My organized father was sadly disorganized in this last year of his life.

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