Backyard Sunrise, Nest, Sparrow

backyard sunrise wires
I woke up early this morning and went out back with my camera to watch for birds. At first, I just saw this pretty sunrise. Unfortunately, in my backyard it’s a mix of nature, houses, and wires. I noticed when the colors of the sunrise faded I began to hear more chirping birds.

I still hadn’t caught a bird with my camera when I spotted this nest in a high tree.

branch on a tree broken off by Hurricane Sandy
I’m guessing that branch was not broken a month ago, and it broke sometime during Hurricane Sandy.

roof with moss and autumn leaves
So after a while of trying to capture a bird in a photo one instead goes for moss garage roofs with golden autumn leaves behind.

sparrow dives into bird feeder
Finally, a sparrow dives into the bird feeder, and I manage to get a shot. Yay, me. Now I can proceed with my day.

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