Hurricane Sandy Highland Park in Review

Hurricane Sandy and power outages have come and gone. I have photos to share, so you are stuck with yet another Sandy post. And I’m sure across the states of New York and New Jersey plenty of people have individual stories to tell. One of the people who was out of power for a lot longer than we were was Laura – you can read her reaction to the storm and power outage on her post. Maybe I should do a future post about how people helped people during the storm period.

If you find municipal politics interesting, watch last night’s borough council meeting:

The borough council meeting video is long, but Mayor Gary Minkoff provides a good review of the storm and the aftermath of the storm. It’s a good way to learn about Hurricane Sandy Highland Park version. Some of my favorite people appear in the video (Allan Williams of the Environmental Commission and Ruth Bickhardt).

In general, you can watch Highland Park meetings online and get Nixle updates on Highland Park.

tree on north seventh
Here is the downed tree on North Seventh covered in snow from the nor’easter. Parts of the tree still remain in the street right now – there were some Highland Park Department of Works worker cutting it up further today. You can see the original tree on this pre-Sandy storm post as well as the after the storm view. As it didn’t damage a house or wires (thankfully), it has taken a bit longer for it to be removed.

fixing abbott
The house on Abbott finally got attention last week, but unfortunately, it was after the nor’easter, so more damage than the tree falling was done to the house. We were very happy to see these workers who came all the way from Florida. They told us they had never seen snow fall from the sky before.

fixing north sixth
See all those trucks on North Sixth?

six trucks
There were at least six big trucks.

abbott lifting tree
Here they are finally lifting that big old tree off the house.

Abbott house
I feel for the owners – it is a pretty damaged house. There’s more damage on the inside that you can’t see in this photo (because of the live wires on the fallen tree, they couldn’t apply tarps to protect the house from the nor’easter). But they do have insurance, and FEMA people were in our neighborhood assessing the damage.

•   •   •

In summary, is this a catastrophe? Not to us in Highland Park – it was a hardship to those who went without power the longest, and it will continue to be hard for those with damaged homes. As Ruth Bickhardt says in the video, she never remembers anything like this (and she’s been around for a long time). But for those elsewhere who completely lost their homes, the nightmare will continue. And then there are those who lost their lives. Meanwhile, my friends and relatives in Israel are posting about missiles falling down in the southern part of Israel. A cartoon by Shay Charka that sums up the relationship between the hurricane and missiles (you can learn a lot more by reading the blog Daled Amos):
poor americans Shay Charka

7 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Highland Park in Review

  • Wow, I miss reading this blog for a few days . . . You’re linked.

    We were lucky–our neighborhood was like an island of tranquility in the middle of a literal national disaster area. Aside from being stranded for a few days due to lack of public transportation, we had no problems.

  • Thank you for another great post on Sandy here in HP, Leora. Good to know about Nixle (never heard of that before) and the online postings of the local meetings.(On a totally random note, I think Ruth Bickhardt was my nursery school teacher a loooooong time ago.)

    As you note, Highland Park got off light compared to some other communities. My mother sent me a link to a vimeo of the damage in the frum community of Seagate–unbelievable devastation.

    But that great cartoon at the end of the post sums up how I am feeling now.

    • I learned about the nixle updates during the storm from Jerry Salit of Salit Auto. There is also a radio station online – it’s mostly police talking as they drive around Highland Park or New Brunswick. I got to hear about a tree falling on North Seventh without actually hearing anything. But these don’t work if you don’t have power (although if you have a cell phone, you can still get the nixle reports texted to you with just a charged phone).

      Yes, I saw a video of Seagate – not a pretty sight.

  • Another good post and I watched a bit of the meeting as I used to watch all our town meetings on tv. It was funny and sad all at the same time. I am very concerned about the situation in Israel and am keeping tabs via TV. hugs to you Leora…

  • Your photographs are wonderful captures. The beauty that nature leaves, as a trail, can be both lovely and devastating.

    This is a wonderful photo journalistic post.

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