Deer? Oh, Deer in New Jersey Backyard

deer in backyard
I was driving my daughter home from school, and we noted a line of cars in front of us had stopped. Why? It turns out deer were crossing the street. We drove home, and by now, the deer were in my neighbor’s backyard. He counted six of them total.

two deer in New Jersey backyard
When we first bought our house about fifteen years ago, I don’t remember any signs of deer near our house. A few blocks away in Edison, where there is a bit more forest-like area, yes, but not on our suburban streets. In the past few years, we have had many signs of deer. And some photographs of deer as well!

deer in New Jersey backyard
Perhaps the one in the back was about to make a bowel movement. I didn’t wait around to see.

So is it cute to see deer in New Jersey backyards? Or are they pests?

There was a study in 2002: Most New Jersey residents think that deer are beautiful and are an important part of the balance of nature. However, half of the state’s residents also think that, in the case of deer, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Here is a list of landscape plants rated by deer resistance. Hostas, beware. You are on their munch hit list. In general, there are scientists at Rutgers studying the excessive deer population in New Jersey.

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9 thoughts on “Deer? Oh, Deer in New Jersey Backyard

  • Six deer at one time?! Are your local authorities addressing the issue? In our neighborhood, cats and pigeons are the main pests.
    P.S. Cute title! 🙂

    • If you see the links, you will see the “local authorities,” namely Rutgers University, has quite a few people working on the deer problems. For now, we just live with them venturing over every now and then.

  • I love seeing the deer, but what is really frustrating is when they make secret visits, eat all my tomatoes and chew up my other plants and then leave. All I see is the damage.

    Good to know what plants they dislike–thanks for the list!

    Speaking of local pests, I actually find the squirrels around here to be particularly aggressive.

  • Great title, Leora. I like looking at the deer, but don’t really want them in my backyard, as they are pesky. I am also leery of getting lyme disease.

    Squirrels, here, are a problem in everyone’s yard. They are cute, but that is about it, as far as I am concerned.

  • do have deer and they can be problem. Here the police were shooting them for a while until they shot out a window in a house. They really damage the understory in the woods by eating everything they can reach and in the burbs the only enemies are cars..but shooting them seems awful do. Some deer birth control sounds good… Michelle

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