Entering Juice Tank and Getting Creative

Entering the Tank
I posted an interview on Websites for Small Biz about a visit I took to Juice Tank, a co-working space and more in Somerset, New Jersey. I noticed a fair amount of my creative energy is going into creating posts and buzz about my Websites for Small Biz blog.

Anyway, one of my ideas for an upcoming post on that blog is about learning and stirring up creativity via the web. What sites have you found that help stir up your creativity? It can be visual, musical, financial, technical, culinary, social … I’m open to suggestions. In particular, I’m looking for creative exercises. The actual post will be more business-oriented, but as the idea is to increase creativity in the workplace, creative seeds may come from unlikely or unconventional sources. Meanwhile, here is one version of a graphic I did for the post:
Get Creative

What helps you get creative?

6 thoughts on “Entering Juice Tank and Getting Creative

  • What helps me get creative? Learning new technical skills. Give me a good way to do something that is new to me and I would try to connect it to other things that I know.

    I enjoy this blog a lot, but no offense, I’m still unsure the point of juice tank. They just seem like a some sort of middleman — I mean, good for them if they’re making money. Besides some startup funding, they seem to have sanitized the process of going out there and making a a business; Steve Jobs worked from his garage of all places.

    • Interesting reaction to Juice Tank, Derrick. Seems to me there is a place in society for facilitators. But maybe you would rather skip that part. In any case, I liked the creative energy I found when I visited.

  • I like the graphic, and think the point is well made.

    Is the Juice Tank like a Think Tank? The idea is to get the creative juices flowing, I suppose.

    • Not really a think tank, although it may function in a similar manner, Lorri. They provide co-working space, fund start ups and provide some consulting.

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