Sushiana Restaurant Website Goes Live

On Sunday I wrote about how this blog needs a new name. Well, it does, and it will probably have the word “sketch” in the new name. I also wrote that I don’t often write about Highland Park. Well, sometimes I do – especially when the topic is the Sushiana Restaurant.

Way back in March, I posted about a wonderful new restaurant in Highland Park, New Jersey called Sushiana. To my daughter’s delight, they don’t just serve sushi (and so many kinds!), they also specialize in fish & chips and delicious spring rolls.

I have been working on and off on the website for Sushiana since last spring – on Monday the website, finally went live. Enjoy the photos of a large variety of sushi (angry zombie, anyone?) and learn about the Shabbat Special, the Meatless Monday Special and the lunch specials. The restaurant is under the kosher supervision of the Va’ad Harabonim of Raritan Valley. The menu is updated with the help of a great WordPress plugin for restaurants called OpenMenu.

This is an example of work can be fun – I greatly enjoyed working with the owner of Sushiana Restaurant on the website.
sushi from Sushiana photo by Leora

19 thoughts on “Sushiana Restaurant Website Goes Live

    • Thank you, and so true! Michael will be successful because 1) he cares about food but even more so 2) he likes his clientele and they like him! I had fun showing him how to use WordPress in the afternoon on Tuesday as various people came in and out of the store placing orders. Even at 2:30 pm on a Tuesday, people want some sushi or soup or salmon teriyaki.

    • Susan, it’s a pleasure to read your comment! Now there is a reason to visit little old Highland Park,, New Jersey (not to be confused with the one in Illinois or the one in Texas).

  • Kosher and sushi seem an odd combo to me. I love the website. Load times are a huge thing for me and it loads super fast. Not to mention the pics of food. Too often restaurants are not updating their sites fast enough so either their food on their sites are outdated or not on the site at all. For people like me being able to see what you can expect to find there can be a huge bonus.

    • Jon, kosher and sushi is actually becoming quite popular. We just have to eat as well! Why not eat good food?

      You are not the first to comment about the fast load time – I’m glad we didn’t go with the slideshow for the initial launch of the website. As for updating the website, I’m sure Michael the owner will make that a priority. It’s great to work with a business owner who is web-savvy.

  • Great to read about this restaurant with a very interesting and lyrical name, Sushiana. Sounds like the name of a beautiful girl. It seems it has some thing for every body. Kosher for faithful, meatless day for vegans, fish preparations for fish lovers and my favorite spring rolls.
    But it would be interesting to know, if it serves pure Japanese fare only? Is there any attempt to create fusion foods? I mean some thing created out of a union between Japanese and Mediterranean ingredients and style would be very interesting.

    I think most of my questions will be answered by paying a visit to this restaurant, which I plan to do very soon.

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