Take a Detour to Connect with Friends

detour in the snow
Detour sign in snow on broken sidewalk where there once was a tree before Hurricane Sandy

Sometimes you need to take a little detour and connect with others. If you work at home by yourself, every now and then it is good to take a detour and connect with others. Perhaps these are friends you already know. Perhaps you can make new friends quickly. Here is my list … maybe you can add a few of your own in the comments.

  • Go for a walk. In my neighborhood, if you go for a walk, you will frequently meet others going for a walk as well. Many of the walkers are dog owners. Others just enjoy the almost spring air we have had recently.
  • Go to the library. I feel fortunate our library is only two blocks from our home. The librarians are friendly, and all sorts of local people enjoy the warm atmosphere. Books, magazines and internet connections are the initial draw into the library, but sometimes a short conversation about a book, an event or the weather can provide a new or renewed connection.
  • Write a letter to a friend. Use snail mail (postal mail) to write the letter. Include a picture, a drawing, a photo.
  • Call a friend on the phone.
  • Invite a friend to tea.
  • Connect in person with someone you met online. Someone connected with me on LinkedIn whom I had never met in person. I sent her a message and asked if she wanted to connect in person. Since she lives locally, we had a good time connecting while eating some good sushi.
  • Hold a drawing or writing workshop. Here’s one I’ve been meaning to do. An artist friend has just moved back to Highland Park – I’m going to talk to her about some art workshop ideas. Stay tuned on this one.

How do you connect with friends? Care to share any of your own tales?

Note about the photo: you can see the tree that used to be before Hurricane Sandy blew it down. The snow is all gone.

14 thoughts on “Take a Detour to Connect with Friends

  • I can relate to the first two…as I walk in my neighborhood about four times a week, when I am not walking at the lake, the indoor mall (they have an early walking program) or at the local park.

    I frequent the library often, because I place books on hold, and have to go there to pick them up.

    I suggest taking a class or workshop. You can meet kindred spirits through a class. Also, volunteering your time in an organization that speaks to you is a good way to meet other people. I do that, myself.

    • Lorri, ah, if you live an area that has good classes or workshops for adults, that’s a great idea. Unfortunately, after twenty years of living in central New Jersey, I know it’s no Boston. So I have been thinking of creating my own workshops. We shall see.

      Volunteering would be a nice one to add to the list. I’ve been doing a bit for my shul, but that is usually on the weekend. My husband does a lot.

  • I see so many people during the day (not all chosen as you can imagine) that I enjoy peace and quiet when I am at home. Yet I like inviting friends for Shabbat every now and again.
    Creating your own workshops would be a great idea. If we had decent ones, I might join one but the offer is extremely limited and is targeted at pensioners more often than not.

    • Yes, you have the opposite set up of mine. I can understand why you would want peace and quiet! A few of my friends that work full-time at busy jobs just like quiet on the weekends.

      The workshops idea has been stirring in my head for a while – we shall see.

  • I have found that spending some time put of the house at a coffee shop or something like that does he to curb the cabin fever that comes from being home alone most of the time.

  • I am more of the type to stay at home and busy myself on my computer. I could go days with out leaving my apartment but I realize that is unhealthy so often I meet a friend or two for afternoon coffee or I invite a friend to come over just to relax and talk. Sending a quick text while I am working also helps me to stay connected to people who are also busy like myself.

  • Agree with you Leora.

    Another good way is to go to workshops and seminars in the area and meet new and interesting people. Not to mention afterworks and organized business lunches.

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