Deer, Sparrows and Cardinals

two deer up close
On Friday we had three deer visit our backyard. These two hung around for a while.

I had a staring contest with this deer.

Finally, the deer hopped the fence.

cardinal in a tree
I prefer the cardinals who visit our backyard. One cardinal, however, seem to like to hog our bird feeder. He sat in there for a while, and the sparrows went elsewhere.

sparrows in andromeda bush
There is an expression in Hebrew: Aharon aharon haviv – loosely translated, it means last, last is favored. This shot of sparrows on an andromeda bush is my favorite of this post. The story behind these lovely sparrows is I heard a racket of chirping down the street. I walked to a neighbor’s house. Many sparrows had gathered on the andromeda bush of her house. When I came, they flew about, then they flew away.

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