Cardinals, Sparrow, Oak Leaf Hydrangea

black headed bird - black capped chickadee
I’ll start with my mystery bird. Is this a black capped chickadee? (yes say my commentators! a black capped chickadee) a sparrow with a black cap? The tree is a sycamore tree – it has those fuzzy brown balls at this time of year.

cardinal in the branches
On to the more familiar: here’s a red male cardinal in the branches.

Mrs. Cardinal
Mrs. Cardinal heads across the wire.

sparrrow in the branches
Like the hiding cardinal, there’s a hiding sparrow in a tree. Actually, there are frequently quite a few sparrows in this tree.

oak leaf hydrangea
A dried-out oak leaf hydrangea is about the only color for a plant (other than brown or dull green) you can see in my backyard at present.

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14 thoughts on “Cardinals, Sparrow, Oak Leaf Hydrangea

  • Hello Leora! Love your cute birds. The Cardinal and Chickadees are some of my favorites. I am hoping to start see some color in my yard, wishing Spring would hurry up and come! But, we are waiting to see if a snow storm hits us tomorrow, hope its not bad. Have a great week ahead!

    • So you do think it’s a Sir Chickadee, ay? Thanks, Eileen. I don’t know about that snowstorm news. Will it bypass New Jersey? It usually does.

  • It looks like a chickadee to me and they are some of my favorite visitors.. very friendly..very curious and their winter survival is amazing. You will see many more birds in flocks in the winter like house sparrows who will then break into breeding pairs in the spring. Many eyes keep them safer and more birds looking for food in flocks.

    Chickadees travel in winter in mixed flocks with nuthatches, titmice, maybe a couple of downy woodpeckers and tree creepers for the same

    Cardinals stayed paired all year round.

    I love old leaves and spent flowers..soon we will all have more things to enjoy in nature…Michelle

    • “we will all have more things to enjoy in nature” – especially since if it is not as cold, I will go outside again! I was planning to plant peas this week, and then we had nasty weather.

      Thanks for the chickadee notes.

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