How to Produce a Portrait with Paint

random girl painting
My daughter, who is ten, requested that I post her image of a girl. As I don’t post without some explanatory text, I decided this would be a nice opportunity to teach you how to do a portrait yourself using Paint. This method was taught to me by my daughter.

This is how she created this portrait:

  1. Find an image via Google Images that you like. It isn’t going to be exactly what you will produce – it is just a template for new image.
  2. Open the image in Paint.
  3. Color over each part of the face, and create your new image. Use the brush tool or bucket tool for large sections and the pencil tool for details such as the eyes.

Easy? Hard? Depends on how much experience you have drawing, both on and offline. If you don’t try, you won’t have much experience, will you?

I follow a similar process for creating images, except I usually use Photoshop or Illustrator. I explained to my daughter that when you use those programs, you can put your work in layers, so you can see what you have done and what you still need to do. Here is the process I used recently to create a puzzle piece using Illustrator:

puzzle piece
  1. Find a similar image to what you want. Open it in Illustrator.
  2. Save the image in a layer of its own. Make the layer a template, so it looks dimmed.
  3. Make a rectangle over the rectangular area – use the Rotate tool to get it to look angled.
  4. Use the ellipse/circle tool to make circles over the areas where the puzzle is cut.
  5. Use the Pathfinder tool to cut or add the semi-circles on the puzzle piece. Minus front gets rid of the front; Unite combines the circle and the rectangle.
  6. Save as png, gif or jpg file for the web.

Drawing a puzzle piece is easier than drawing a portrait.

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