Robin, Red Buds, Tulip

eastern red bud blooms
The eastern red bud tree on my block is in bloom. More about the purplish red blossoms of Eastern red bud trees are in this post.

I’ve been trying to capture a robin with my camera for the last month. I had a work meeting at Rutgers on the engineering campus last week, and amid all the concrete, grass and brick I found this robin.

yellow tulip
This big yellow tulip has an insect inside. Sort of like two for one for Nature Notes.

Today my daughter and I found a plant nursery called Baker’s in Monroe Township, New Jersey. The people were nice, the prices were reasonable, and the plants were in good condition. We bought some pink begonias, some colorful snapdragons, a plant with variegated pink leaves that my daughter picked out, a pot of bright pink gerber daisies (again, her choice) that I hope will survive the summer on our porch, and one parsley plant that will probably get eaten by some animal that is not human. Have you planted anything in your garden this spring?

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12 thoughts on “Robin, Red Buds, Tulip

  • I like the tree at the top! Nice to see that your daughter is interested in flowers too.
    There are new flowers (lamium, phlox and geranium) and herbs (dill and mint) as from yesterday in our garden.

    • I had to look up lamium – it looks like a familiar ground cover.

      I was going to write more about parenting and vising the plant nursery with my daughter, but I decided to leave the focus on the plants. We had several negotiations prior to making the trip, but in the end, it worked out. We went to a kosher ice cream/ices place on the way home – that was part of the negotiations. It was a gorgeous day in Central New Jersey – I planted everything within an hour.

  • I love hearing about you daughter and her love for plants as well… Biology was always my favorite subject in school and when my mother took us to the Botanical Gardens here in Austin for the fist time when I was little, I thought I had entered a fairy forrest (haha)! It is great to see other children have the same interest.

  • How nice that your daughter helped pick out plants. I love snap, snap, snapdragons!

    Your photos are beauties! I must dig out my robin photos from my archives.

  • How nice for you and your daughter to spend some time that way… I love that… I have or hubby has planted seeds from packets to help bees and butterflies. … I have some wild ginger on order.. Michelle

  • We still have to wait to plant annuals and our tomatoe plants. There could still be a lingering frost. I love visiting the nurseries just to see all the different plants and flowers. The redbud and tulip are pretty and the robin is a cutie! Have a great week, Leora!

    • Snapdragons are quite hardy – mine have survived winters in New Jersey. I think the chances of frost are slim – I’d rather take the chance and have bigger plants. I have volunteer tomato plants in the back, from last years’ plants – we shall see how those do!

  • It’s wonderful that your daughter shares your love of nature and gardening. It sounds like you will have plenty of color this year. Here the daffodils and hyacinths have come and gone, but many trees are in full flower. I don’t have much of a flower garden because we have so many deer and groundhogs. They make quick work of most garden plants.

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