Bird Bird Hunter, Blog Workshop and Comments on Social Media Sharing

Middle son finished his ten grade exams over a week ago – then there were a lot of trips to his basement “studio” to film this new feature presentation. If you watch it and enjoy, can you click Like?

I noticed this week that when something went well, it was easy to share. Well, mostly. My blog workshop at the Highland Park Public Library went quite well – you can see the slides from the talk below. In fact, Val scheduled another blog workshop for a summer afternoon – Monday, July 22. I’m hoping perhaps a teacher or two might have time to attend a summer daytime workshop. I also got selected for a new website; the proposal had taken me a week to write up. But in that case, I won’t be doing much sharing in public until there is actually a website to show for the work.

There were a few events that didn’t go so well. As they involve family, I will only hint at what happened. One involved Father’s Day. A few original plans fizzled and unhappily so. I only shared the giant cookie that my daughter decided to make toward the end of Father’s Day. Then there was a volunteer project that could have gone better. It left in me in a rather bad mood. That’s all I will say about that one.

Abba cookie and heart
Cookie with Abba and a heart: What did go well on Father’s Day

On Social Media Sharing – what do you share?

Do you find that you are more apt to show the good stuff in your life, thus giving the perhaps false impression that everything is going well? Or do you pick and choose from both good and not-so-good? Do you have a way of writing up the less than pleasant events without sharing incriminating or accusatory details?

16 thoughts on “Bird Bird Hunter, Blog Workshop and Comments on Social Media Sharing

  • Your daughter did a great job with that cookie!

    For me, blogging serves as a fun escape from real life, and so I also tend to focus mostly on the positive in my posts.

    • Your posts are quite positive!

      As for the cookie, she did get a wee bit of help, especially with getting the lettering down. The idea was all hers.

      Oh, did I mention, Mrs. S., that the recipe is all yours? Yes, indeed, it’s your recipe for blondies. We just saved the chocolate chips for the lettering and the heart. Has become a family favorite, your blondies.

  • You know how much I love the creativity in the cookie!

    I blog both the positive and not so positive events in my life, but mainly blog as a form of passion for writing, especially my book reviews and posts regarding the Holocaust.

    I so not mention surnames of family members or friends. They are only mentioned in news articles or articles regarding books.

    I also don’t normally post family photographs, and if I do, take them down fairly quickly, especially those of my grandies. I do leave up photos of those family members who are no longer with us.

    Shabbat Shalom!

    • I do notice you post about family members no longer here. I don’t even feel comfortable doing that at times.

      The problem that bothered me most this week involved my daughter’s school. And her backpack. And a volunteer project that unfortunately was dependent on my searching her backpack. And I didn’t like that idea at all. OK, I’ve said too much already, but I got my little chance to complain a bit in a comment.

  • Love the video! If only more options would have been available when I was in high school, I am sure I would have gotten more into such things. Any chance to create is worthwhile indeed!

    • He certainly did not learn this from any school he has attended – it’s more just receiving moral support and tech tools from his family has enabled him to make these videos. Very self-taught – I go to him for making video questions.

  • I always enjoy the videos…… Lovely cookie….. Took me back to projects with my daughter….. I also think,you may a good teacher based on your slides….. Michelle

    • I like teaching interested adults, especially on a creative topic like blogging. Their enthusiasm is contagious and makes me want to learn even more.

  • That is the cutest video ever. The cookie is adorable too. I hope your workshop was all that you hoped it would be.

    Your question is worth thinking about. I have always taken the high road on just about anything when it comes to communicating on SM. As you know I like to tell stories and use them as a way to teach. My hope is that I am able to do that in a positive way. 🙂

    • You do a wonderful job of telling stories. Most of them are about your childhood, so like Lorri above, you are not telling a lot about the people that are alive and presently in your life, just a bit.

      Even if you talk about a difficulty, you end it with a learning note or a positive outlook.

      • Thanks, you are correct. Many times I can almost feel my parents smile at my remembering. BTW: your kind words mean a lot to me. :-).

  • I tend to share a blend of good and bad. Because basically this is the life I live 🙂
    I do try to always to find a positive in the bad though. Otherwise I would be the most depressing person on earth.
    I also have a thing about not sharing stories that are not mine to tell. They may affect me and I may wish to write about them, but I do think there should be a turn off button.

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