JPiX – Jewish Photo Bloggers Carnival 2013

Welcome to JPiX, the Jewish Photo Bloggers Carnival. Hope you will enjoy the tour of Jewish-inspired photos from around the world. Today we are visiting Israel, Washington DC, Crimea, Scotland and London. If you like an image, please visit the post and leave a comment for the photographer. Comments welcome on this post as well, of course.

Batya shares three posts, from right to left: Israel Museum, Lions in Jerusalem and Zichron Yaakov
israel-museum-batya-sq   lions-jerusalem-batya-150px  zichron-yaakov-batya-150px

Here are three photos by Sharon of Real Streets of Jerusalem:
car racing in Jerusalem   Jerusalem lights   boy dancing

Lorri of jewaicious shares two: explanations below the photos
world war II memorial   garnethill synagogue
My submission was in relation to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2012. It includes a photograph I took of a Holy Ark, inside Congregation Mickve Israel Synagogue, in Savannah, Georgia. It also includes a photograph of the welcome memorial to Silale, Lithuania (where some of my ancestors once lived), and includes a photograph I created regarding WWII, and a photograph of the WWII Memorial in Washington DC.

I visited cousins in Glasgow in 2008, and took the photographs of the exterior of Garnet Hill Synagogue, in Glasgow, Scotland when we went to the synagogue. I loved the beautiful architectural design.

Leah lives in Crimea and shares: challah, Holocaust Museum Dnepropetrovsk, and Lag B’Omer
challah by chossid   Holocaust Museum lag bomer fire chossid

Cosmic X shares Beit Shemesh, Tel Aviv and Rabin Square in Tel Aviv
Beit Shemesh   Tel Aviv   rabin square

Toby presents fun Jerusalem architecture, Israeli flags and palm silhouettes against a Tel Aviv sky
building   flag   tel aviv sky

Hannah’s Nook: The Jewish Museum in London
Jewish Museum London

Mrs. S: Golan tzimmer, Patriarch city, harvest before Shavuot
tzimmer golan   hevron   field

Robin shows Election Day at the Beach, lupines and her orchid:
itai beach robin   lupines   orchid

Leora (that’s me!) presented a pigeon in flight, red poppy and Shimon Bar-Yohai grave:
pigeon flight beit shemesh israel leora   red poppy on mount meron   grave at Meron Shimon Bar Yohai

If you want to submit to a future edition of JPiX Jewish Photo Bloggers Carnival, the form is on the JPiX page. The next edition will probably be in December 2013. If anyone would like to volunteer to host (a brave proposition because you need to be good with a photo editor), you can let me know by comment or by the JPiX form.

You can see past JPiX:

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