Salute to Israel Parade 2013

parade RPRY banner
Today I chaperoned seven girls (one was my daughter) at the Salute to Israel Day Parade. The girls danced down Fifth Avenue wearing yellow RPRY t-shirts, white with black detailed bandanas and flowers on their wrists. I thought they did great despite the nasty heat. We gave them water when they looked flush, but I was concerned for some of them with the humidity and heat. Above is the RPRY banner, which I photographed while we waited to move unto Fifth Avenue. I took these with our Canon Power Shot, as being a chaperone I needed a lightweight camera that I could put in my fanny pack.

Faces of Israel
This was another RPRY banner – the school typically has one large one in the front and a smaller one in the back. If you want to see past posts of the parade, here is Parade 2012Parade 2011Parade 2010Parade 2009Parade 2008.

Kushner banner
RPRY was right in front of Kushner (a school in Livingston, New Jersey), so I got a good shot of their banner. Some of the graduates of RPRY go to high school at Kushner, so we knew some of those students.

Many schools and organizations march in the parade. Above are Bruriah high school marchers.

This girls’ high school is called Mayanot. It is in Teaneck, New Jersey, not far from TABC where my middle son goes to school (and my eldest is an alum). My daughter may go to high school at Mayanot, but she is only in fifth grade, so we have plenty of time to decide.

TABC banner
Here is the TABC banner. Somewhere in the group of marchers from TABC is my middle son.

colorful banner
I do not know which school is pictured above, but I do like their colorful, varied banner. I suppose someone or another will write in the comments the name of the school. People who march in the Israel Day Parade, in my experience, love to see themselves online!

LGBT group marches
This was yet another group that marched in this year’s Salute to Israel Parade. I was only able to photograph a small fraction of the marchers. Lots of politicians march, but they march early. When I used to march as a scout leader with the Cub Scouts I would get to see politicians.

Yeshiva University
Yeshiva University had a very large contingent of marchers and a float as well. My husband and my father (z”l) are alumni of Yeshiva University.

Rutgers Hillel at the parade
Many colleges and universities marched toward the end of the parade. Pictured is a banner for Rutgers Hillel. My eldest son marched in this group with some of his University of Maryland friends.

And for those of you who want to see more pictures from Israel, I do plan to post more! I started gathering flora pictures from Mount Meron, but I got stuck on trying to identify the flowers (and I needed to take off for the parade). Hope to get those up soon.

7 thoughts on “Salute to Israel Parade 2013

  • What a cool idea for a parade, and the banners are all so lovely. I’m definitely looking forward to your travel pictures from Israel.

    • I put together my first post of nature photos from Israel – I hope to post it tomorrow. I spent a lot of time looking up flowers, and I didn’t even post all the flowers I saw.

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely and cheerful photos! I can understand the blue but is there a reason why there was so much yellow?
    If all of you were marching except your husband, does this mean he was at home making dinner for all of you?

    • You are funny! Interesting about the yellow. It seems that both RPRY and TABC used yellow. Might just be a coincidence of what I chose to post, because other schools used light blue.

      My husband went with the boys on the train. Yes, he is the only spectator among us, though one year he did march with the scouts when my daughter got sick and I stayed home with her.

      We went out for dinner – a nice, expensive over-priced dinner in Manhattan. I really do like eating at home(especially after a week of needing to eat out in Israel).

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