In Search of Fall Foliage

fall foliage 2013
The other day I went out in search of fall foliage. I found the trees above – not bad, but not great. Some of what might be thought of as autumn leaves turning are just leaves turning brown.

Then I was parked by this maple tree as I waited to pick up my daughter from school. I photographed the trees above with my Samsung Galaxy 4.

burning bush red leaves
Yesterday I photographed my neighbor’s burning bush, as the colors have started to turn red.

Fall Foliage History: 2012 (around Hurricane Sandy time) • 2011201020092008

Do you have leaves turning colors where you live? I’ve learned from friends that it is not cold enough in Israel for fall foliage, but a friend who lives in Israel is visiting Greece, and there she photographed some leaves that had turned yellow. I grew up in New England, and I used to pick up a variety of colored leaves on the street at this time of year. Little did I know that this only happens in certain parts of the world.

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