In Search of Fall Foliage

fall foliage 2013
The other day I went out in search of fall foliage. I found the trees above – not bad, but not great. Some of what might be thought of as autumn leaves turning are just leaves turning brown.

Then I was parked by this maple tree as I waited to pick up my daughter from school. I photographed the trees above with my Samsung Galaxy 4.

burning bush red leaves
Yesterday I photographed my neighbor’s burning bush, as the colors have started to turn red.

Fall Foliage History: 2012 (around Hurricane Sandy time) • 2011201020092008

Do you have leaves turning colors where you live? I’ve learned from friends that it is not cold enough in Israel for fall foliage, but a friend who lives in Israel is visiting Greece, and there she photographed some leaves that had turned yellow. I grew up in New England, and I used to pick up a variety of colored leaves on the street at this time of year. Little did I know that this only happens in certain parts of the world.

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18 thoughts on “In Search of Fall Foliage

  • I love the vibrant oranges and reds in the last two photos. The first photo has a nice contrast with the beginning orange tones between the greens.

    • So the first one is an example of looking and photographing a little early – I wonder how the same scene will look the first week of November. Stay tuned.

    • I’ve really only lived in Massachusetts and New Jersey (not counting 1.5 years as an infant in NY), so my experience with missing foliage is someone like writing that she misses foliage!

      I wish I could go to the mountains at this time of year, but it’s too busy right now (and I don’t think my daughter is that interested).

  • Autumn is definitely an instance where I find myself missing being on the east coast. Idaho sees some color, but it usually gets too cold too quickly and the foliage doesn’t stay on the trees. Yellow is also the most predominate color. I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway two years in a row, and the displays of color were so bright and amazing.

    • Even Idaho doesn’t get much color? Interesting, how this varies so much. I’ve heard Japanese tourists go to NH at this time of year. I would go to New Hampshire at any time of year, even April (mud season).

    • Oh, that sounds marvelous. When I was younger, I couldn’t understand why someone would take vacation in the fall when it’s too cold to swim. Now I get it.

  • Autumn colors are few and far between here in New Zealand so I appreciate your sharing them–even if it’s just spring in my part of the world!

  • Really pretty colors against the blue sky. I would love that phone, I have a basic phone. The fall colors are so weather dependent and it seems that you have some good color. I am sorry I am so late, I thought I had visited everyone and I hadn’t.. been that kind of week… Michelle

    • Michelle, anytime you visit is a fine time for me. I can see I didn’t get much of a chance to do blog hopping this past week. I can’t even remember the middle of the week.

      Yes, the camera in my new phone is a good one, as long as I hold it steady.

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