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I took this animal shelter video by mistake – I meant to take a photo of my daughter playing with a cat at the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter, and by mistake, I took a video. At some point I should look at my phone (it’s a Samsung Galaxy 4) and figure out how to take a video on purpose. Meanwhile, I thought it was rather fun, so I am sharing with you.

I must have too many things going on – I thought I was supposed to post the November Jewish Book Carnival tomorrow, but instead, it is not “due” until November 14th (I published it for a minute then sent it back to draft). I’ll post it next Sunday. And I do plan to do a JPiX (Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival) in late December, so feel free to send in any submissions. I have had more work than usual lately – I got one new additional client at Rutgers (School of Engineering) – it is really interesting work, but at the same time I’m trying to keep up with all my current clients as well. I’ve decided the way to handle this situation is focus on project at a time, though at times a client will want me to re-focus immediately on something *that* client needs, and such is the way in my business. I try my best to keep my clients happy.

About the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter in Bridgewater, New Jersey: you can play with cats or kittens. Sometimes they have bunnies or guinea pigs. The dogs aren’t playful – they mostly bark. We have gone twice, and people there ask as if we are coming to adopt a pet. No, I say, we have one guinea pig and that is enough (enough for me, not nearly enough for my daughter). The animal shelter is right next to the Kid Street Playground in Bridgewater (and near the police station). They close to visitors at 4 pm, so we went on Thursday because my daughter had off from school (faculty inservice day).

Feel free to tell me any of your too much at one time situations.

Note: if you can’t see the video, please let me know. I realized after I posted it that some may not be able to view in this format. I’m curious to know who can see what format.

Another format:

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