Approaching Winter: Nests and Sedum

nest in burning bush
How do I know winter is coming? I can see the branches on the trees. Look, Ma, no leaves. And inside those branches I found two nests. The one above was on my neighbor’s burning bush.

nest in tree
This nest is in the tree in my backyard. I call it my birdwatching tree, because it is right next to my bird feeder. The birds like to hop to the bird feeder from the tree and then back to the tree again. They spend more time in the tree than at the feeder.

Today I saw blue jays in my backyard, most on my garage but some in the tree. When I got there with my camera, off they flew. Instead of a bird, I photographed more branches:
tree no bird

And here is a sedum flower, dried and brown, awaiting winter:
sedum dried and brown

Do you see winter nests – nests that appear as winter approaches?

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