Bird Party: Cardinals, Finches, Blue Jays and Tufted Titmice

male cardinal basks in the sun
Last week as it got warmer, I remembered to fill the bird feeder. And thus I was rewarded. Wouldn’t you like to be this male cardinal basking in the sun?

We haven’t had finch visitors for a while. The guy in the red cap is the male house finch; his friend on the right is a house sparrow.

blue jay turns head
Raise your hand (or your paw) if you get as excited as I do when you finally capture a blue jay in a photograph. These birds flit around quite a bit.

tufted titmouse just ate at bird feeder
I looked up the plural of tufted titmouse and found this clever post: Tufted Titmice or Titmouses?

Today, despite the bird feeder being full, no birds seemed to visit as it rained all day long.

Last week, in addition to the birds, we did have a rabbit visit for two days:
bunny in snow
Now not only is the bunny all gone, the snow is all gone, too.

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