December Birds and Flowers

female cardinal in tree
Now is the time of year when I can see the birds in the trees. I remembered twice to fill my bird feeder this week – I am getting better at remembering. The birds like my compost as well – I don’t think they are starving. Above is a lovely lady cardinal in her brown with a bit of red coat.

cardinal at feeder
Here is her male boyfriend who just had something to eat at the bird feeder.

cardinal male and female
Do you see both of them in the backyard tree?

sparrow eats seed
Sparrows are the most common bird in my yard. Here is a sparrow eating a seed on a bush close to the bird feeder.

gerber daisy in basement
Flowers? In December? Here is my gerber daisy plant, resting quietly in my basement. So far, for one month indoors, it is still alive. I fed it some seaweed fertilizer last week. There is warmth in the basement, and I give it water every few days. A little natural light comes through the windows. Will it survive until spring? Stay tuned.

I am reading skimming a book on attracting birds to one’s yard: The Audobon Society Guide to Attracting Birds. One of the suggestions is purposely growing weeds, such as crabgrass. Hm. Perennials suggested for planting include sunflowers, bluebells and coneflowers.

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