December Robins and Whimsical Cardinals

robin up in a tree
I thought robins show up in New Jersey in the spring. Well, I’ve been seeing a lot of these fellas hanging around the neighborhood in December. Today, quite a few December robins were in my backyard. Above is one up high in a tree. Others were pecking about on the ground.

finch red bottom gray top bird
At first I thought this is a finch. But it looks a lot like a common redpoll. However, the beak looks like the house finch. OK, birders, what do you think? Conclusion: Michelle says it is a male house finch. “They do look like common redpolls, but the redpoll is somewhat smaller with a tiny beak. We do get redpolls coming down from Canada when the seed cone crops are bad, but this year was a good year.” Note the body size, color and beak.

house finch
This is a house finch: gray body, red capped head, not very big.

rabbit behind fence
Some of you may recall a rabbit visited us for a few days … I saw him again one day last week.

blue jay in tree
I’ve been seeing fair number of blue jays in our backyard as well. If you go to this Cornell page, you can hear various blue jay sounds. The page says: “Blue Jays are most often detected by their noisy calls.”

cardinal in tree
The cardinal is such a handsome bird – is he not?

cardinal says: Are you pointing that camera at me?
I was reading a book called The Muse is In: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity by Jill Badonsky – the whimsical drawings inspired me to have fun with a bit of whimsy of my own. I imagine the cardinal is posing for my camera.

cardinal says yum as he reaches in the bird feeder

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