Tufted Titmouse, Coneflower, Cardinal

tufted titmouse on roof with snow
The highlight of my photos this week is definitely the tufted titmouse on the garage roof with snow. Thank you to Michelle for telling me that it is indeed a tufted titmouse. She wrote to me: “in winter they may travel in small flocks of chickadees, nuthatches and maybe a downy woodpecker… They are very bold little birds.”

I saw three in my neighbor’s Japanese dogwood tree (now a bare tree) yesterday. I wanted to show my husband, but by the time he came out, they were gone.

geese over highland park, new jersey
This morning, while holding a camera next to my shoveling son, I heard honking. I looked up and saw that line of geese overhead.

A cardinal and his lady still regularly visit our backyard tree/bush.

coneflower in snow
So far, this coneflower has managed to stay alive in all this snow. I also have kale seedlings under the snow – will they survive until spring? We shall see.

sculpture with snow
My neighbors have this colorful sculpture in their backyard. My neighbor said it is supposed to look different at different times of the day, but truthfully, since it is in shade, I haven’t notice many variations. It does look nice covered with snow. I had told my neighbors I might photograph it for my blog. I should find out the name of the sculptor – I believe he is local.

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18 thoughts on “Tufted Titmouse, Coneflower, Cardinal

  • Leora, lovely images of the Titmouse, geese and Cardinal. I would think the birds would be happy with your leftover coneflower. The sculpture is neat. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

    • Haven’t seen birds by the coneflower (it’s in the front of the house, so not as welcoming perhaps because of humans walking by). But the birds do like my compost and the bushes in the back.

  • You are a birder as I’ve said…. You might here the titmouse call. It sounds like ” Peter… Peter… Peter… I know to look for birds by hearing their calls first. Lovely post for Nature Notes… I have to write mine… Michelle

    • Well, Michelle, I only do one every other week, so I save up the images.

      I put out some warmish water today, in a cut up/cut in half water bottle. But no birds have discovered it. There are some sunflower seeds in the snow nearby – they don’t seem to have noticed those, either. Could be too close to my house. Maybe later I will try in the back of the yard, where they usually congregate.

      • That is so nice of you…. It may take a while for them to find the water. Getting a drink or bathing may make the birds more wary especially as they can’t fly well with wet feathers. You might put it someplace where they have a bush or something to escape to if needed….. the water doesn’t have to be warm, just not frozen…. Michelle

  • I love the images…each one so lovely…from the birds to the sculpture and the sweet cone flower.

    The colors are so varied, and filled with nature’s beauty.

  • These are fabulous photos Leora- good to ‘see’ you again! It’s funny you should choose birds as we have a myriad of small birds around our bird feeder in Northern California which of course I don’t recognize, as they are all different from the ones in England. We never really had a garden when we lived in SF, so it will be a lovely challenge getting to know their names. We have been seeing snowy egrets in the creek nearby though which are so beautiful, and we regularly have an unkindness of ravens who enjoy dropping walnuts from our walnut tree right next to you on the ground. So good to be back. Hope you had a good Hanukkah & that the rest of the holiday season is peaceful and happy.

  • That coneflower is so amazing Leoraโ€ฆ I’m watching more snow fallโ€ฆ mesmerized โ€ฆ knowing that beneath the foot already on the ground there is life living, and preparing to be birthed again, buds on the tips of tree branches ready for warmth to awaken them again.

  • Wonderful shots. I love the tufted titmouse and it reminds me that I haven’t seen them yet this winter. I mostly see them when I put out food on extra cold or snowy days. We haven’t had any snow yet and although we have had some cold weather there are still plenty of seeds and berries in my wild yard for the birds so I have put out any food yet. I love the way your coneflower looks and the birds in flight and snow are lovely.

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