Pink Poppies, White Columbines, Perennials

Mexican Poppies
My Mexican poppies are once again in bloom. I am happy that some came back this year – I probably tore some out in the process of weeding or planting other items (I like putting cucumbers in this area of my garden). You can see my Mexican pink poppies from last year.

I have no grass growing in the front of my house; instead, a variety of flowers are blooming. Many are perennials that come back each year, such as these white rocket-like columbines. Behind the columbines is a bit of garden phlox that my daughter and husband bought for me as a Mother’s Day present.

perennial pink flowers
I do not know the name of this wispy, pink-flowered perennial, but I do admire its delicate nature.

I took lots of photos of my garden flowers and starting working on a post on how to use Pixlr, an online free photo editing program. The post will appear sometime soon (maybe sometime in the next two weeks? life is a bit busy) on Websites for Small Biz.

This coming week is the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. One of the customs is to decorate one’s home with flowers. I wonder what flowers will be in bloom in my yard that I can safely bring inside? I do have some blooming rhododendrons.

What perennials are growing in your garden?

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21 thoughts on “Pink Poppies, White Columbines, Perennials

  • I love the idea of no lawn…. I have planted many perennials since we first met online. How little I knew about a garden ….. Your flowers are beautiful and I hope someone knows the name of the one…. Michelle

    • My husband *really* loves that he used to mow lawn in the front, but now he only mows the backyard.

      Yes, I remember you weren’t as aware of all those perennials as you are now. You are a good learner and a good teacher, Michelle.

      • You are being kind in saying not aware… But I have tried to learn from all of you…. Thank you… I miss teaching in the classroom, but there is always a way to teach and opportunities to learn

  • I wish we didn’t have to have a lawn, but it’s part of the HOA requirements. Such a huge waster of water. I’m trying to plant more perennials this year. I’ve gone with a lot of Columbine, and the black-eyed Susan’s I planted last year are coming back too. I used to throw out wildflower seeds, am aiming for a more organized approach.

    • Strange to me, when regulations require a lawn or won’t allow people to grow food gardens on their lawn. I also have been growing cucumbers in my front yard for the past few years. There are several houses on our street with perennials instead of lawns. And one neighbor at the corner grows all sorts of vegetables all around his house. He has the greenest thumb of all.

      One of the problems I’ve heard with tossing assorted wildflowers seeds is some of them are invasive.

  • Love the two tone look of the Columbine (called Aquelegia) down here. The ones I plant self seed and pop up in other places in the garden but never seem to turn up in the original planting spot lol
    Take care

  • I love perennials and have a good many that can thrive in my not so good clay soil. Columbines are pretty amazing flowers. Sadly they don’t do well in my garden. I do have grass primarily because Ed have a very large yard. The flower beds are where I spent my time. It’s a labor of love.

    I look forward to hearing more about Pixir. I use apples tools at the moment. 🙂

    • I’m glad you are looking forward to hearing about Pixlr. Maybe next week I will have time to actually write the post.

      We have clay soil also – I make a lot of compost, and do a lot of mixing.

  • I love your flower photos…love the colors and textures of the varied blossoms.

    I have day lilies growing, and also have some hibiscus. My rose bushes bloom throughout the year. I also have a few scattered snapdragons.

    • My day lilies have not bloomed yet. My neighbor has hibiscus – not sure if it is really meant for NJ climate. My roses only bloom for two brief weeks in June. But they come back year after year.

      My snapdragons are annuals; hard to get those to survive a NJ winter.

    • We are all fine! Recovering from bat-mitzvah. Probably go back to blogging next week? Still trying to catch up with work. Starting working on my house projects again (one important one is getting rid of/replacing an ancient toilet that should go in a museum instead of our basement).

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