Cardinal, Catbird and Robin

cardinal in the garden
I’ve been filling my feeder with bird seed – the cardinals especially like the black sunflower seeds. But this cardinal was poking around in the other side of my yard, where I’ve been growing tomatoes and cucumbers.

cardinal poking garden rudbeckia
I wonder what he is thinking: “Shall I try a cucumber?” – no, probably not that.

What’s fun about catbirds is the way they sing. Also, they hop around quickly. This little catbird is a juvenile – I’ve been seeing other birds that are smaller than usual, meaning they are basically teenage birds.

catbird juvenile
Isn’t this little catbird cute? I like the way he looks down, clutching the edge of the garage roof with his little claws.

Ah, now he is looking right at me.

robin on garage roof
Robins usually don’t eat the bird seed in my feeder. I’ve been told they like fruit. I do have raspberries in my garden, but I’ve never actually seen a robin poke at my raspberries.

Last week I saw a yellow goldfinch with black head. I’ve also seen a blue jay. My friend saw a turkey vulture on her lawn. Seen any unusual birds lately?

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15 thoughts on “Cardinal, Catbird and Robin

    • Ah, thanks for letting me know about bug hunting. Regarding the catbird, I used my telephoto lens. Of course, then I dream about buying a more powerful one … no end to photography equipment desires.

  • The finches are feasting on the Echinacea seed, and the catbirds on Pokeweed berries. The fruit eaters, like Cardinals are waiting for the Holly berries to ripen. My bird feeders are empty, but it’s time to fill them for the migrating birds.

    • Ah! Do we have pokewood? I believe it grows locally in an invasive manner. But I haven’t seen it in my yard.

      Cardinals will get holly berries soon enough! I love when they visit and eat the sunflower seeds.

      Thanks for your visit, Dianne.

  • Hi Leora, I loved seeing all the birds you have in your garden, lovely photos! I see the Cardinals and Robins here a lot but I haven’t seen a Catbird in a long time. I love how you have photographed him looking down from the roof, such neat birds! Happy day to you 🙂

  • Oh nice shots Leora and I have never seen a catbird so I am glad that Jill was able to ID it. It is funny that the birds will usually look for natural foods first.. insects or berries and then use the feeders. Always nice to have you in Nature Notes.. thank you..Michelle

    • Michelle, I’ve had catbirds before. I’ve seen them singing in the summer (I took a photo of one a tree at one point). I don’t remember seeing them in the winter.

  • I ran across your photo of the juvenile catbird while doing a Google search and it looked exactly like what I’m seeing – right down to perching on the rain gutter! I’ve got a cute little juvenile outside my window that is learning how to hunt bugs in the bushes that are just below the gutter, yet still in that stage where it flutters its wings like a baby. Just today it has started hunting on its own. Yesterday its Mom or Dad was helping it eat and teaching it diving techniques. They grow up so fast! 🙂

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