Male and Female Cardinals Visit

cardinal on roof with seed in beak
If you look carefully at this male cardinal, you will notice he has something in his mouth.

close up of cardinal with seed
If you get a little closer, it seems to be a seed in his mouth. Will he eat this now or store it for later or for a family member? I do not know. But I do know that every time I fill my bird feeder, I have a variety of birds coming to visit. Most are sparrows, but I do get pairs of male and female cardinals.

girl cardinal on a wire
Speaking of female cardinals, here is a girl cardinal hanging on a telephone wire.

cardinal on roof - female
Here she is again, this time on the side of the roof of our garage.

boyfriend cardinal
And here is her boyfriend cardinal, strutting his stuff.

bees on sedum
Last time I posted Nature Notes I featured bees on sedum. Here’s another view of bees enjoying the red sedum that blooms late summer or early fall.

bird on echinacea
If you look carefully at this photo, you will see a bird enjoying the seeds of my echinacea flowers. Is it a goldfinch? Last time I saw a bird on those flowers, I am pretty sure I saw a pretty yellow with a bit of black goldfinch.

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